Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Trivia Tuesday

Which director did Guinevere Turner(Go Fish, American Psycho) inspire to make what movie that premiered in 1997.

The first correct answer wins a FREE copy of Just Like A Girl!

Last week's answer - "When it came time to name my fledgling press, I chose RedBone as a way to indicate to other black people that this was a black woman-owned, born in the South, press."
Winner - Stephanie Kemp

And for those who just want to buy a copy (at a reduced rate) www.girlchildpress.com/products.html

Good Luck

* Previous winners not eligible.


Tri said...

Kevin Smith - "Chasing Amy"

Michelle Sewell said...

Tri - Congrats!
Can we get a mailing address so we can send the anthology your way. You can send the info to girlchildpress@aol.com