Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fish Tacos, Drifting, and Canyon Walking

All in a 24 hour LA day!
I am actually here for work but somehow I've not done a lick of writing - except for here. I'm in LA to meet with the director and producers on my first official feature film script. Actually, it is not my first feature script - I've got a couple hanging around in a drawer at home - so this is my first adapted feature film script.

I met the director Carolyn Coal in a writing fellowship last summer and we really hit it off. We stayed in touch and a few months later I got an email from her asking if I would consider coming on board to adapt a book she had recently optioned. Of course I said yes - never having adapted anything before I wanted the experience. We started on the project in December and now we are only a few months away from shooting the film. It is an independent project so no studio interference - which allows for a quick turnaround. In about an hour I will be sitting around a table getting notes on the first draft of the script. I am really fascinated to see how the process will go.

I got here on Friday morning. Carolyn was off filming a documentary on a drift driver (picture above) so her partner Bobbi picked me up from the airport and we hung out. We found this really cool place that does these fantastic fish tacos and I am hooked. Bobbi eats non-stop but somehow remains a size 4. This morning I found out why.

They invited me to go on a "walk" with them and an hour later I think I am just starting to feel my feet. That's me trying to hold on for dear life to Clark. He basically pulled me up the canyon. Poor thing:0)

All in all - having a great time! But don't think just because I'm off canyon walking in LA that that absolves you from buying a copy of Just Like A Girl. Go on now. Pull out that credit card and get your copy so that I can ship it off to you when I get back.


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