Friday, April 11, 2008

The Big Delivery!

That's Kendra (graphic designer extraordinaire) and she is holding the very first copy of Just Like A Girl: A Manifesta! straight out the box (actually from one of the many boxes that are stacked floor to ceiling in my office). I really couldn't have done this project without her. Kendra is a very gifted artist and she brought her A game to the this project.

For my part, I am sealing envelopes. I knew this day would come so I pre-labeled all the the contributors' envelopes so that they could go in the mail as soon as the books got here. I've already made three trips to the post office. I can't wait for the contributors to get their copy of the anthology. I'm especially excited for my young writers and never-published contributors to see their name in print! I keep staring at the cover and willing myself not to look for the mistakes or second guess the choices that went into making the book. I am going to celebrate all the good intentions and know that with each book - we get better and better. I am already thinking about the short story anthology and the parenting handbook that will be released in September 2009.

If you haven't bought your copy yet - dash on over to If you buy it today, I guarantee you will have the book in two days (not counting Sunday, smarty!) The pre-sale ends April 30th and the book will go to its regular price - $20.00 + s&h. Catch the deal while you can:)



Juss_ILP said...

short story anthology? how cool is that! not like you dont have your hands full already, but when will you start work on that?

michelle said...

the call for submissions will probably go out in October, maybe November. You thinking about submitting something?