Monday, November 12, 2012


To make room for the new titles that will be released in 2013, we are having a inventory sale! BUY A COPY OF WOMAN'S WORK AND GET A COPY OF JUST LIKE A GIRL FOR FREE! *limited copies available*
Woman's Work is a wonderful literary celebration. The writing is razor sharp and the storytelling compelling. In this provocative and entertaining collection, that promises surprises around every corner, 40 eclectic women writers, pull us into their ever-changing universe of shapeshifters, fairies, drag queens, and fat Southern girls. This is an adventure not to be missed. ISBN 978-0-9779372-2-6 Regular Price: $15.00 (plus S&H) NO INTERNATIONAL SALES FOR THIS SPECIAL Just Like A Girl is a rough-and-tumble, sassy, kick-ass travelogue through the bumpy, powerful, action-packed world of GIRL. A world where girls and women know how to pick themselves up and brush themselves off. These are the clever girls. The funny girls. The girls who know there is no sin in being born one.