Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tree Hugging GirlChild Press Style

On my way back from the post office this morning I noticed that every third neighbor was having a yard sale. Ten yard sales in 4 blocks and my curiosity was sufficiently piqued. What's up with the massive yard sale fever?! Turns out our entire neighborhood is having a community yard sale. See what I get for not reading the newsletter.

So I stopped off at one of my neighbors to check out what he was selling. I am looking for a little table to go into a space that will become my alleged meditation room - before the decade is over. This neighbor is uber tree hugger (I say that with love) and most of his stuff consisted of jelly jars and boxes (shoe boxes to be specifically). After a 10 minute conversation (more like a lecture) on consistent recycling, landfill use and global footprints, I found myself committing to "creative recycling."

I still don't have a table for my meditation room but I did remember that I have at least ten sneaker boxes stacked up in that said room. Guess what my bulk orders are going in? Can't say I'm not doing my part:)

If you want your very own copies of Just Like A Girl delivered in a rather fancy sneaker box, pull out that credit card and go to then figure out a way to creatively recycle and lessen those footprints. Next thing you know I'll be swimming out into the middle of the ocean and protesting whaling boats!


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