Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Start sharpening those Google skills and get ready to win a FREE and signed copy of our newest book

To qualify you must be the first to provide a correct answer in the comment section of this blog. If you have already won a free copy you are not eligible this week.

Question: Who is the little girl on the cover of Growing Up Girl: An Anthology?
-if you come up with who she is AND her name, you are the ultimate winner!

Don't know the answer or someone already beat you to it - then order your copy at www.girlchildpress.com/products.html for the pre-sale price of $10.00. Free shipping on first copy!
Good Luck!


evelyn.n.alfred said...

Jailen James is the little girl's name on the cover.

evelyn.n.alfred said...

She's related to you, your sister?

evelyn.n.alfred said...

No, Jailen is your niece. Sorry.

E said...

Meggie took the picture. does that count for winning? - Eryca Kasse

Michelle Sewell said...

Yippee! For Evelyn! She is my niece and her name is Jailen James:)

When you get a second - go over to girlchildpress@aol.com and let us know your mailing address so we can send you a copy of A Little Truth on Your Shirt. And please pass the word on our new project!