Monday, April 5, 2010

Introducing A Little Truth on Your Shirt

I have thought long and hard about the kind of author I wanted to be the first to be released under GirlChild Press. Up until now the press has been releasing anthologies, but I was fully aware that we would make the shift to single-author books in 2010 and I wanted someone who matched our mission. I also wanted someone who was serious about their craft, understood the work involved in publishing a book and would be willing to do the work necessary to promote the book and generate sales.

When HBO Def Poet Sonya Renee Taylor approached me with the idea for her book I was a little skeptical. Sonya is a devastingly amazing performer but I had no information that said she could translate all that energy into a manuscript that would be worth publishing. Well, she spent the winter working on a manuscript that not only featured her stage work, but also included a large body of compelling and rich pieces that any "page poet" would gladly claim as their own.

It seems that over the years, while Sonya was crafting her complex wordplay performance pieces, she was also constructing and reworking smaller pieces that she hoped to one day put together in a book. Well that day has arrived.

A Little Truth on Your Shirt will be released on May 5, 2010. To get your book before the release date feel free to pop over to the website and order your copy today (and save $5.00) Each copy will be personally signed by Sonya.

Stay tuned for readings and book signing information.



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