Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Proof

is here!
In record time (as usual) Signature Book Printing shipped me the proof of the latest book. This is my second time using Signature and I continue to be pleased with their efficiency and quality.

I was weirdly nervous when I saw the packet sitting in front of my door. Somehow the entire process suddenly felt real - holding that white, five pound envelope. I almost didn't want to open it. But I did. In the pack I found a proof of the cover (they matched the color perfectly - finally got the purple right) and the printer's proof of the anthology. The book comes in at 362 pages. 48 more pages than Growing Up Girl.

A quick flip through and I found a couple errors that we missed the 60 other times we looked at the damn thing. You hate to catch errors at this stage because now it cost money to change them. I'm going to spend about two hours going through the proof in detail and then fax over the changes. If Signature continues to have the turnaround record that I suspect it does, I should have the actual book in hand in about TEN days!



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Your new book looks great, I've been a fan for sometime now! In my other writing life, I write teen-girl fiction. This is awesome. And you're in Maryland! I'm in Baltimore! We should talk.--AK

Link to my blog when you have a moment. This is my other writing life: I write about brands:

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Very exciting!!!!