Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Other Selves

If you are a writer (who writes) nobody has to tell you that when you are writing it is hard to do much else. Because it is generally a solitary experience, the rest of the world keeps humming along while you are held up somewhere wrestling with your stanza breaks, characters, and storylines.
One of the things that I totally miss when I am up to my neck in press business or working on a screenwriting assignment - the DC poetry scene. The picture of me was taken at a women's open mic last year. The very last time I stepped up to a mic and did my thing! I like performing. I am a natural. Mostly because I am a first born, a ham, and a Capricorn. I love interacting with the audience and letting the Poet Michelle do her thing. I specialize in bitter poetry. You know, that rat bastard that has charged up your credit card, killed your dog, and slept with you best friend - that you keep taking back. 99% of the time the scenario has never happened to me, but at least five people always come up to me after I've performed and let me know it happened to them. That always cracks me up because the scenarios are always so over the top.
Although I love producing the books, I absolutely love the immediate rush you get from a live performance. Since I have some down time before the book is released, I think I am going to hit a couple venues and let Poet Michelle do her thing.



Anonymous said...

Bitter poetry rocks! The more I read about you, the more I find we have in common. I Hope the JLAG tour comes to ATL so I can meet you in person sometime. Until then, keep spittin' out those bitter bites, it sure can leave a sweet taste in your mouth to get rid of them sometimes (like cheap therapy!)...-Julie Senger

Turquoise C.A. Hayes said...

I know you are excited. As am I. I can't wait to have a copy and show my family.