Monday, July 6, 2009

GirlChild Press on the Road (The Wrap Up)

Amanda got on a 1:55pm Southwest flight to Baltimore Washington International Airport today. That means our week of laughs and adventures has come to a close.

We had a blast! We had more of a blast the more of L.A. we got to see. I almost thought the child wasn't going to get on the plane the way she was raving about wanting to live here. Between pedicures and Pinkberry I continued to learn tons about my "little sister." She is truly wise beyond her years and a very sweet and kind spirit (I already knew that part).

My mother called as I was dropping her off and inquired how I was going to feel now that my last tie to home was getting on a plane. I told her I would let her know tomorrow. For now - yall can check out the Michelle and Amanda Show wrap up video. Lots of food, giggling and some



Anonymous said...

Jacqui and I just enjoyed all of the Michelle and Amanda Show, aka "The Moving GirlChild Press to California Show." Watching all of the videos back to back is like taking a mini vacation, without all the canyoning!

Hoping Amanda's flight was smooth (and on time!), and that your recovery from yet another round of Carolyn's canyon torture was complete, and punctuated with great snacks and libations.

We miss you, and at the same time, I know you're rockin' the hell out of Exile!


Anonymous said...

Oh man Michelle, I can't believe it! All the talking about and planning is done - you're there! I'm so proud of you and excited for you I can't even express it. You're a once in a lifetime spirit and not even California is big enough contain it! Onward and upward,!


Stephanie said...

The view from the top of that hike is gorgeous!