Saturday, July 4, 2009

GirlChild Press on the Road (Day 5)

We decided to make another minor detour this morning and head over to see the Grand Canyon. I've actually seen the Canyon before so this trip was for Amanda. Oddly enough I didn't know she was scared of heights. The things you learn on long road trips. So you can imagine what her face looked like when she saw the Grand Canyon. Part awe, part horror. I forgot how spectacular it is. It was great to remember that through Amanda's eyes. Again, we took tons of pictures, so if you are on Facebook you can check them out over there.

NOTE: While watching the video check out the people on the rocks behind our heads. They were actually throwing a football at some point on a ledge with no guard rail. You can only see this kind of stuff if you leave

After hanging out at one of the "Wonders of the World," we hit the road around 11:00am our time. It was more of the same. Desert, heat, wind, desert, heat, more wind. We crossed into California around 3:00pm (PST). The Mojave Desert greeted us with 107degrees! As we drove toward Los Angeles it got cooler - 88 degrees by the time we got into L.A. proper.

We arrived in Los Angeles, California at 6:42pm (PST)! I am still sort of in denial that I am here. There has been a lot of planning regarding this relocation, but I don't think I gave much thought to how I would feel once I was actually here. I am both frickin' excited and scared. Now that I am here - what now? I don't mean what now like there is nothing to do. There is plenty to do. I have a script that needs to be finished in the next week. I need to buy a new printer. I need to surrender my sister Debyann's GPS and buy my own. I need to buy a desk for my room. I need to put said room together. I need to send out rejection and acceptance notices for the next anthology. But after all the tasks are done how does one go about living and connecting in a new place like LA?

I'll let you know how I'm doing:)

Check out our latest video. I think we will keep doing them until Amanda leaves on Monday.


MJB said...

Fabulous Grand Canyon shots, and congratulations on making it to CA. We need to see more pictures of the great house that you're staying in so that we can truly visualize your new surroundings and the new life out West.

I feel like I was on the road trip with you. Thanks again for sharing all of it. Fun stuff!

SVG said...

Thanks for sharing this fabulous trip! Loves it! It's insane how much you and your sister are alike :))

Good luck in Cali!

midevil art said...

thanks for sharing the trip! what a great adventure!

ms noemi said...

that looks beautiful! I need to take my kids to see that sight one day.

Thembi said...

What a wonderful way to document your cross-country trip! My daughter and I watched your daily videos like a TV series. Congratulations, and we're glad you got to LA safely.

We're excited to see what's next!

Juss_ILP said...

OK the two of you are raisins. Amanda was right to have up the! I am so inspired (to be read: jealous) by this move that you've made. I now have yet another spot to crash when I make my Cali visits. :-)

BTW: When I visited the Grand Canyon, I went out on the rocks. I'm brown. I think the view is way better from there.

Anyhow, Cuz...this is awesome and I wont even tell you to do big things, because what else do people do in our fam?

Keep the videos coming.

Again, congrats.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Found you by way of Martha Leslie Allen on She Writes! Great video. Looking forward to reading more.

Love all the sisterly giggling, and yes, The Marriot hotel chain has the beds,bedding and breakfast. I try to only stay at The Marriot if I can help it.