Tuesday, June 30, 2009

GirlChild Press on the Road (Day 2)

We logged in about 600 miles today! Amanda did all the driving so that I could write my blog for Velvet Park and read the remaining short stories for the Woman's Work project (and make final decisions). I was supposed to have rejection letters out tonight but that doesn't look like it is going to happen. It doesn't help that the hotel internet is tre shakey! Hopefully I can send them out tomorrow night.

Interesting note about the submissions this time around.Not as many young writers (21 and under) as before. More speculative fiction. More women of color. More clustering of east coast submissions. More repeat submissions from writers from the previous anthologies. Equally as hard making selections:)

We are bedding down in Tulsa, OK. Another day of flat lands and high temperatures. It is 93 degrees at 10:30pm. I am sure as we continue west it will get hotter and hotter.

Tomorrow we are looking at 1200 miles. No, we will not drive them all! Our goal is to make it to New Mexico. We have a dinner invite so we hope to break bread with cool folks on the third day of our trip. At this rate we might be in California by Thursday, but I still think we are looking at a Friday arrival so we can do some sightseeing.

Thank goodness for unlimited phone and text services because we are getting calls/texts from all over checking in and wanting to chat us up. Too bad you can't put positive energy in the gas tank, 'cause we getting that in abundance.

Note: Amanda keeps referring to Marriott because she works for them and we are using her major employee discount to have a nice place to sleep at the end of these long days!

Check out our video for the day.



Julie said...

What a nice sister you have, one who is willing to drive across the country with you. Will Amanda be staying in Cali with you? If this were me driving cross country with one of my sisters, today would be the true test (day 3). My video would open up with two of us in the car, looking haggard, possibly still in pj's because we just wouldn't care anymore. One of us would get on the other's nerves because someone had to smoke too often or pee too often or whatever. Then the bickering would become full fledged fighting about crap that happened in the past that shoulda been long forgotten. Long story short, the video would close with me sitting in a Marriot at the end of the day, by myself, explaining how I'm on my own for the final leg of the trip because "I had to drop that other bitch at a Greyhound station back in New Mexico before I killed her." :D LOL. I love all of my sisters! But I know how we are after a few days together. Good luck on the rest of your trip!! Be safe!! Don't forget to "take that left turn back in Albuquerque!" (gotta love Bugs Bunny).

MJB said...

Love the Vlog. I know I'm a bit late, but I'm watching them in order. How come you haven't shared with us what music is being listened to during this trip? Surely there's some rocking out and some singing (screaming) along going on...

We're playing "Going Back to Cali" in your honor...

Suzette said...