Monday, June 29, 2009

GirlChild Press on the Road (Day 1)

The GirlChild Press Express has pulled into Louisville, KY for the night. We did ten hours today. Actually, I drove ten hours. The kid sister talked and slept (see video below).

We started out a couple hours behind schedule but the road conditions were great so we made good time. We spent most of our day in West Virgina and Kentucky. Nothing interesting to report. Mostly rolling hills and long roads. I'm sure folks from both states will let me know there is tons to see in their respective states. It just wasn't apparent from my vantage point (going 75 miles an hour).

Tomorrow we will hit the road at 8:00am. We will be tackling St. Louis and Oklahoma. More videos and pictures to come.



Anonymous said...

Y'all Sewell sisters are so giggly and funny--we can feel all that "I'm going to LA!!!" energy through the screen. Wake up, Amanda! Help a sista drive!



Juss_ILP said...

it is a shame before god and! amanda how exactly are you tired, when you havent driven any? actually, i understand...corn fields can do that to a person.

suzette said...

you both look fabulous - i cant wait to see if that glow will last through day two - LOL! enjoy, enjoy - great video.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Sewell and James sistren. :)