Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's in a Name?

A rose by any other name...blah blah blah.
My friend Charneice can't move forward in any writing assignment unless she picks the perfect title for the project. I usually mock her for this OCD quality of hers, but I've found myself sweating over a title for a new writing project for the last couple days. I am stuck, stuck, stuck, and can't move on until I nail a really good one.

Maybe you can help me out. Which of these titles would make you feel compelled to read more?

1. The Hudsons
2. And Baby Makes Two
3. Second Chances
4. Soul Mates (I hate this one - just so you know)
5. Here We Are
6. Sushi and Sake
7. A Perfect Life
8. None of the above

Let me know your thoughts.



Juss_ILP said...

I like And Baby Makes Two. The saying is Baby Makes Three, so I'd at least read the first chapter.

Amy Andre said...

And Baby Makes Two. It's intriguing, evocative, even emotional. It makes me curious to learn more... and gives me the tiniest hint at what the book might be about.

Anonymous said...

A Perfect Life... Everyone wants to know if it exists, and they'll read your book or whatever to find out!

Anonymous said...

I like both Baby Makes Two and Soul Mates (even though you hate it and it might sound boring, but I love the theory of soul mates and twin flames), but Baby Makes Two seems like the more intriguing and emotional like Amy Andre said.

Baby Makes Two? Why only two? Who ran out on who? Or did someone die? That title would make me read. I just assumed it's about a single mother. And if so then I can relate. And maybe that is why the title Soul Mates might relate, too, if I'm right on what the book is about