Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What I'm Reading

Every time I finish a writing assignment I find myself craving new reading material. Probably because I need to refill the well. Here is what I'm reading.

Get thy to a bookstore and get a copy of I Was Told There'd Be Cake by Sloane Crosley. This New York Times Bestselling author is frickin' hysterical. The book contains about ten essays that cover being a reluctant maid of honor, what to do with ones pony collection before you parents find it, and the boss from hell. Sloane Crosley is totally laugh out loud funny. I will never again hear the word pony and not want to giggle.
I am just starting on Miranda July's book of stories No One Belongs Here More Than You and it is clear this is going to be excellent! I was introduce to the way Miranda's mind works when I rented her movie Me and You and Everyone We Know. Trippy stuff. Clearly an exceptional writer.
Just picked up Chelsy Handler's book My Horizontal Life. It's a collection of stories about her sex life (mostly one night stands). I can't say I am a huge fan of her comedy show, but she did get this great write up in Entertainment Weekly so I figured I would use my recently acquired Borders gift card and see what all the fuss is about. I read the first couple pages and she definitely has a way of telling a story. And can you go wrong when sex is the main subject?

And to round things off, I have the recent issues of Entertainment Weekly, Script Magazine, and Filmmaker for when I need inspiration around the business and technique of screenwriting and filmmaking.

What are you reading?



amanda said...

well let's see i just finished Copper Scroll (in about a 10 day period, pretty good for someone who USE TO deem themselves not much a reader); The Last Days (about 14 days, I was busy w/ work and many meetings those two weeks) and today I am starting Children of Jihad.
The first two books contain some of the topics I most enjoy (travel and the middle east). All encased in political drama/thriller that includes terrorism, espionage, guns, Nukes,CIA, FBI, NSA, treaties, a splash of love like a hint of honeysuckle in baklava(not in a Transporter/Miami Vice sex in the middle of a gunfight way, priorities people, lets try to be realistic hollywood), and last but certainly not least bible prophecies weaved throughout (for historical reasons). The books are a part of a series by Joel C Rosenberg and they are a serious page turner. The next one in the series is Dead Heat. I can't wait to read that one.

Juss_ILP said...

I am reading the follow up to Purple Hibiscus called Half a Yellow Sun. It deals with Nigeria during the 1960's when it fought for its independence. Just began it...I'll be done by the end of the weekend.

MJB said...

In honor of the John Edwards scandal, I'm re-reading "Story of My Life" by Jay McInerney. Highly amusing profile of a New York City party girl in the 80's. The main character in the book is based on Rielle Hunter (nee Lisa Druck) the woman with whom John Edwards had his affair. I read the book in college and found it hilarious, and so far I'm surprised to say it holds up reasonably well given the passage of time. There are a few great lines in it, and some parts are definitely on the outrageous side.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually reading Just Like A Girl! I got it for a birthday present. Really good. I'm going to buy the first book when I get paid.

Are you going to do another book? Can anybody send stuff in? I write a lot of poetry.


Togtokh said...

omg! this is hysterical!
so last spring, i bought "no one belongs here more than you" and read like one story, loved it and decided to send it to my friend is amazing, who is studying abroad in china. i figured she needs some pretty awesome lit while there (you know..w/ not being able to use a lot of websites and so forth...) and i send it...and it never got to her, i guess the mail man in china took it. but the thing was, i lost the receipt and forgot the title and really really wanted to finish reading it....and then while surfin ur page, i see this and while sitting here in my room, i'm screaming like a maniac mad excited. so, in conclusion, YAY!!!!!!