Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yoga and Writing

Learning Yoga has been hard for me. As a tall, big woman I don't find it easy to manage my body in all those frickin' poses that seems to be a part of this yoga thing! This morning during yoga class, I was reminded of the level of difficulty. As I was attempting to switch out of a diving dolphin (designed to strengthen your core)I actually fell over. No, not stumbled, or gently tripped. FELL OVER! Right before I hit the wood floor (with the loudest thud ever heard by man), I thought to myself -this is my last class!' Thankfully, no one laughed and everyone seemed to keep their eyes on their own pose. The instructor gently gave me some tips on how to "create a stronger foundation" and continued on like I hadn't just made it crystal clear why some people should never step foot into a yoga studio.

Toward the end of the class the instructor gave us a series of complicated instructions that took us through a triangle pose ending with a one-legged pose. Her objective, for most of the class, was to get us to be mindful how light we could make our bodies if we just connected to it and focused our energies on making it do what we wanted it to. As I stood there with sweat pouring down my back, I distinctly remember thinking this chick is full of shit! But because I have home training, I decided it was rude to walk out so close to the end of the class and I complied.

Surprisingly, before it was all over, I did find my leg "lightly gliding" up into the one-legged pose. I was so pleased with myself that I couldn't hide the big smile that spread across my face. That one little accomplishment made the entire 75 minutes class a success for me.

During the closing meditation it crossed my mind how similar yoga and writing is in my life. Both activities I've entered into with complete free will. Shouldn't that make them easier than they are?



GirlGriot said...

I love this post! As another tall, big woman, I struggle shaping my body into yoga poses, too ... and lord knows I've been struggling with my writing. Congratulations on sticking with your work after your fall (not sure I could have done that) and on your closing pose. And thanks for the little reminder nudge that maybe I can do things that sometimes seem cruelly and extraordinarily difficult.

Juss_ILP said...

You go girl with the Yoga thing! God knows that I have found root canals easier. I too needed the reminder that we can do anything we tell ourselves that we can do.