Friday, May 1, 2009

The Five Items

The FIVE things I always have with me
1) journal
2) pencil case (don't be a nerd hater)
3) digital camera
4) laptop
5) ruler (recent weird habit)
Bonus answer - brads for scripts.

What items make the daily trek with you?



daki-girlwithwords said...

Bottle of water

Snack (even an apple, dry cereal, crackers...)

Ipod shuffle-I take the train a lot and need my music

Some kind of book (for the most part, though I do most reading at home, in the bed;)

A pen/pencil (often forget the writing pad or get lazy about carrying something to write with)

What I SHOULD always have with me:

Something to write ON...A tylenol (prone to headaches), some wine (well probaly not always but I work with kids...and it's stressful! lol)

Some business cards (I've yet to have any...some day I'll get the vista prints and become a REAL adult)

a black girl said...

i carry around a pencil case too! its so important for me to have multiple colors of pens. :)

D.Y.Barren said...

3)cell phone
4)debit card